The most influential Lions Roar ever.

The most influential Lions Roar ever.

Influence is one of the most powerful tools a man has. It can be used for good or bad – and it’s never neutral. Influence is like water, it runs downhill.

That’s why the Lions Roar Global Summit on Biblical Manhood is designed to help you build your influence – as a pastor, businessman, friend and dad.

You’ll meet some of the greatest men in the world – and you’ll be equipped with tools to influence your world. Sessions like:

How to talk to a friend or church member about his porn habit. How do you open the conversation, what do you say next? What happens if it’s really shocking and more. WE MUST talk to men as brothers and help them get whole. We have two of the world’s leading experts on this – this is equipping.

How do you talk to your son about manhood? How do you talk to your daughter? It’s different – but with the same core values. What are the core habits you need to help them build? How do you not become “preachy” in a conversation. When is the best time to talk – and when is the worst? A full session to help Dads from key leader in that field.

How should a pastor talk to a businessman about his faith? What should you not say? How can a pastor influence the business community without getting in their business?  

How do you live your faith in the business world? How can you influence employees without compromising workplace sensitivities? How do we navigate this new world?

How can a church respond to the unrest in our culture today? And remain a positive influence across the divides.

How can we influence the “Nones”? The fastest growing group of people in America and the World is the group that answers the question “What is your religious faith?” with the box checked “None”. 

And, there’s more. Reaching the Dangerous Nations of the world. Building men’s groups in nations across the continents. How to build and keep the passion of following Jesus in your own personal life. How does a man stay on fire for Jesus?

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There are fewer than 280 seats left. It is a remarkable venue in Dallas with tremendous amenities – we added one more meal – we added more coffee – we added over $100 of free digital tools – we added more breakout equipping sessions – we added more time to connect with new friends. In just 72 hours your life will change. Guaranteed.