Success is a battle of endurance

Dear Brother,

Most men don’t know they’re in a war. They just know they got knocked down. It is in Jesus Christ that a man discovers that he has won the victory because Jesus won the war on the Cross. It is in Him that we live in victory, peace, and power. Take advantage of the resources below and rise up!

Grace & Peace
Jurgen Matthesius is one of the world’s leading communicators of the Gospel. In a powerful and revealing conversation on the Brave Men podcast, Jurgen inspires us with the courage to step out in extreme faith. In 2005 He and his wife Leanne left an extremely successful ministry in Australia and New Zealand to pioneer a church in San Diego. Today that church, Awaken Church San Diego, is one of the largest in America and their influence spans the nations. LISTEN NOW.

Monday Night Men

The global broadcast of NEVER QUIT will energize you by the power of the Holy Spirit into greater anointing. Join us as we stream on YouTube at the ChristianMensNetwork. Join the group on Facebook at CMN MONDAY NIGHT MEN.

Webinar: Stronger 

Is the life you’re leading now the full capacity of what you have inside? Do you know that God made you to be STRONGER? Watch the webinar featuring CMN brothers from around the world to make you STRONGER. And forward this to 10 men to give them a sneak peek.

You'll Learn

* What to do in crisis
* Ten steps to leave the old and enter the new
* How to transform crisis into success
* What is your part, what is God's part
* And more