Staying Positive When Darkness Rises

When you find yourself in the midst of chaos and everything is going sideways we must remember the covenant of God that he gave "to a thousand generations". He is Lord, he has a plan and he cannot be stopped. 

When you hold on in faith and fight for the vision God has given you - you become the change agent of God on the earth. The power of the Holy Spirit in you is how darkness is defeated and heaven is planted in the hearts of men.

When you grip the promises of God that are in you and declare them over your life, business, friends and family - everything changes. When your thoughts change your confession changes and your future changes. 

David wrote about the mighty warriors of Ephraim. They had all the right weapons, yet they ran in fear in the day of chaos, stress,, and war. Here’s what caused them to run: they didn’t trust the word of the Lord.

“Though they were all equipped warriors, each with weapons when the battle began they retreated and ran away in fear. They didn’t believe the promises of God.” (Psalm 78:9-12)

This week Robert Barriger shares a powerful devotional with the CMN brotherhood on how God never ends on a negative, He always ends on a positive. You can watch it here.

Watch Robert’s devotional now.