Skip that New Year’s resolution

Skip that New Year’s resolution
Skip that New Year’s resolution. Here’s what to do instead. 

Paul told the Galatians, “You were made for freedom – why are you putting yourself under the law again?” Resolutions have the unmistakable fragrance of the law. And, we are great at breaking the law. 

The parking lots of health clubs will be full this week and half-empty by February. We all laugh about it, but it’s true. Why?

We all have ways to push back: “It’s too cold to workout, it‘s too late, let’s make this happen tomorrow” and so on. 

It certainly doesn’t help to turn on the rants of some self-proclaimed success coach who just tells you, “Get up and kill it … you’re unstoppable … you’re the beast no one can conquer…” And etc. 

You’ve heard it before. It’s so easy to just turn that stuff off. 

What we really need is a mindset reset. A spiritual resolve that becomes our center. Our true self.

What one action could you take today, that will move you further toward your goal? 

Make the decision today for what you need to do tomorrow. 

Start by deciding to read the Bible every day. Then, create another habit ... and another. Embed them into your day.

A few years ago, I started using the YouVersion Bible reading programs for my early morning routine.

Bible and pushups. It’s a great workout.

Start there.
Read something.
Every day.

Let God’s Word wash over you and renew your mind. And if you can do a pushup, or go for a walk, that’s your second habit to start.

Let’s start the new year off right – and let’s do it together.