Should We Expect Miracles?

Should We Expect Miracles?
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Canada's Pastor Leon Fontaine often sees miracles occur for people. In this message from CMN's annual Global Summit, he explains why:
God's original design for man was to be led by the Spirit of God. But mankind failed at a colossal level. Then came Jesus, whose death, burial, and resurrection changed everything for you and me.
Because of Jesus, we can walk the earth filled with the presence of God. But most men keep their minds in the lead position and only rely on the Spirit in an emergency. Unless the Spirit of God leads us, we will never fulfill what God has called us to do.
Too often, we imagine that God is in heaven reluctantly listening to us as we beg, bug, and plead with Him. But that's not the God we serve.
God has given us power. Power for performing miracles. Moral power. Power in influence. Power in resources. Power in us to command armies, forces, and hosts.
Leon's emphatic point is that the Spirit of God wasn't poured out on men who were pastors, preachers, teachers, evangelists and prophets. The Spirit of God has been poured out on ALL of us--as fathers, business leaders, professionals, workers.
Let's pray the prayer of the Apostle Paul today who prayed to receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation, the knowledge and eyes of our understanding opened, having strength in our inner man, filled with the knowledge of God's will, able to speak the Word of God clearly.
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