Season of Hope

Season of Hope

A recent survey concluded that most of the world is dealing with high levels of anxiety and stress. I don't think you and I needed a survey to tell us that - we see it around us every day.

That's why the work of the Church and the Body of Christ is to bring HOPE!

When Jesus ministered from village to village the Bible tells us that He preached, "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" He was telling them in the language of the day - HOPE HAS ARRIVED!

Pastor Michael Phillips stirred our hearts at the Lions Roar Global Summit a few weeks ago. I wanted you to see it again - or for the first time. It's a powerful, inspiring message.

In fact - you should forward this email to someone who needs to hear this word. A friend dealing with anxiety, a neighbor going through issues, a loved one with an illness - this will help.

Never discount the effect that your giving has on men and families around the world. Messages like this were made possible by the generosity of friends like you. Thank you.

Remember; Hope is alive. Hope has a name. Hope's name is Jesus!