Resolutions fading? Here's some help

Resolutions fading? Here's some help
Who do you think had a better 2020 – the man who committed in January to resolutions and big 2020 goals? Or, the man who committed in January to daily rituals of faith and core values?

Right, 2020 was easier on the man who was committed to his rituals of faith, to the core values they brought him. Values honed by daily rituals of faith aren’t affected by a pandemic. 

That means daily building your faith up is more important than resolutions. It’s what gives you the strength and the strategies to carry out your goals.

The problem you face is that you are a master negotiator. You can negotiate yourself out of any good decision. “It’s too cold to workout.” “It’s too late now.” “Let’s do this tomorrow.” 

It’s ironic that every bad decision in my life had one constant – I was there.

It certainly doesn’t help to listen to self-proclaimed success coaches ranting, “Get up and kill it!” “You’re unstoppable!” “You’re the beast no one can conquer!”

What we really need is a mindset reset. A spiritual resolve that becomes our center. Our true self.

Life is full of traps. Moving closer to God will keep you out of the traps. Having Godly wisdom and resolve will keep you from falling into the traps of self negotiation and self-justification.

This is exactly why I created the book and video series “Seven Habits that Build Spiritual Endurance.” 

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