Remarkable what's happening in VietNam

Remarkable what's happening in VietNam
Over 4 million people died in the years of Vietnam’s wars and conflict, including 58,000 American troops. Millions, including an entire generation of Vietnamese were killed, injured and displaced. The next generation grew up fatherless.
Today, after years of martyrdom and persecution, Vietnam’s church leaders are hopeful. A church movement is growing. The problem is, there is no background from which to build strong men. Most of the pastors grew up fatherless. This is why the work of CMN is so desperately needed.
In 2015 and 2017, we reached key leaders in many church organizations with pastoral training meetings. In 2019, we’re continuing to faithfully answer the call. Whatever it takes.
Now the outreach is escalating. Almost 2,000 churches will be represented in four “Majoring in Men” pastor intensives this July 9 - 13 in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. This represents a historic new-level breakthrough.
Leaders we trained previously are already conducting men's events across the nation. Faithful CMN leaders are training Vietnamese pastors to disciple Vietnamese men. It’s huge. Powerful. It is becoming exponential.
Today, over 70 percent of the budget has been met. We leave July 6. Please pray about your part in closing the gap of $6,800.
Please give here one time. Or join CMN with a monthly gift.
This is the mission of CMN at its finest. We are CMN, we rescue men!