Remarkable Video from VietNam

Remarkable Video from VietNam

What started out as two pastors' summits is now five. Momentum is building in Vietnam. You and I are making a difference. 
I was knocked out by the video made by the pastors in Ho Chi Minh City, posted below.

Our brothers are working hard for the five major pastors summits coming up in just a few weeks. Will you help fulfill the dreams of hundreds of men, their families, and their churches? There's an opportunity at the bottom. There are so many reasons to be involved...

Two more workbooks plus the book Strong Men in Tough Times are translated into Vietnamese. Wow. They are praying. We are praying. THEY ARE WORKING, WE ARE WORKING.
This is the Kingdom at its best. You and I are redeeming all the prayer, tears and work of decades in Vietnam and becoming an answer to prayer for our brothers in underground churches. Vietnamese men and leaders will be challenged and changed. It is all coming to pass!
People are writing, asking for details, so here you go:


  • Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Two major summits engaging 840 churches
  • Hanoi (Capital city) Two major summits engaging 1060 churches
  • DaNang Key meetup with leaders (area of greatest resistance, cannot be publicized)

By their invitation, we are going to train leaders who are desperate to reach the men of their nation for Christ. They have committed to running strong--we just have to help them get started.

Our goal is to engage 2000 churches in 2020. We have hundreds more men that need sponsorship. Let's get that done.
Would you please sponsor one Vietnamese man for $45? This will provide him with translated books and workbooks that will change his life. Or, sponsor a church for $225 so the pastor can train a core group of men. Your sponsorship provides the meetings, teachings, books, and workbooks...that will bring change to an entire nation--Vietnam.
And, we are launching 21 DAYS OF PRAYER starting NOW to cover these meetings with God's grace, protection, and revelation.
We have THIS opportunity. This is OUR hour. Let's make it happen.