Reclaim What's Yours


Today’s Brave Men Motivation from our friend and ally Mike Kai—founder and pastor of Inspire Church in Honolulu—urges us as we prepare for a new year, to grab the opportunity to "get our stuff back!" 
As I reflect on the powerful story of David, who reclaimed everything that was taken from him, I am reminded of the strength and determination we all possess to recover what we have lost.

David’s triumph is not just a tale from the past; it's a blueprint for us today. He recovered all - flocks, herds, and every bit of plunder. This victory echoes a profound truth: it's time for us to get our stuff back.

I urge you, brothers, "Get your stuff back." Feel the power in those words. It’s not just about physical possessions; it's about reclaiming your vision, your purpose, your self-esteem, and the respect you deserve.

The enemy, the thief, comes to steal and destroy. But like David, we stand firm. We say, "I came to get my stuff back." Maybe you've been caught off guard, hit hard while vulnerable. But this is the moment to stand up and reclaim what is rightfully yours.

God wants you to recover what you've lost - your business, your family, your relationships. The devil may have tried to steal your joy, sow anxiety, shake your confidence, and tamper with your identity. But remember, you are a child of God, armed with faith and resilience.

It’s time to reclaim your freedom, your faith, your sanity.

This is more than a rallying cry; it's a divine mandate. Reclaim your purpose, your business, your family, your esteem. Recover the joys and dreams stolen in your youth.

Rekindle your relationship with Jesus, straighten your life with God.

If your spiritual axe has been dull, if you've lost your axe head, now is the time to sharpen it. Declare, "I came to get my stuff back."

Stand firm in this conviction. This is our time, our moment of victory.
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