Pyramids, Mummies, and Revival in the Middle East

In this ancient land where Jesus came for shelter as a child, our CMN brotherhood has launched a ministry majoring in men.

Working with key allies and friends, a men’s movement is taking off. It’s a burst of life in the arid Middle East. A land filled with antiquities and wars is becoming a land of renewal and hope.

Today, we saw pyramids and thousand-year-old mummies, including King Ramses ll.

It was fascinating to learn that his father King Seti l, actually mentored him starting as a teenager. Ramses was in battle at age 14, then sat with his uncle for 8 years as ruler before becoming king. Mentoring made him become one of the greatest leaders in Egyptian history.

Discipleship will change the future of Egypt and the Arabic-speaking world. It has begun.

Click HERE to watch my short video thanking you for covering our team in prayer.

Ministry in the hardened Middle East culture requires a long-term commitment. The strategy involves key relationships, times of fellowship, leader events, men’s groups, key church events, resource translations, and leader training. Together, our brotherhood is doing that.

Come with the team next February to Egypt for ministry and a powerful regional event. Pastor Steve Trevino will come back to train leaders this Fall. Converts to Christianity here have a tough road ahead of them. All of this requires our steady financial support and steadfast continued prayer.

Across the nations, God is pouring out His Spirit on the hearts of men. It’s amazing that you and I are part of this great movement of warriors for Christ. I’m grateful for you.

Blessings to you and your loved ones.