Pray for Russia

Pray for Russia
Russia needs prayer!! We need prayer! Next week, hundreds of Russian men will rock the gateway city of St. Petersberg, the cultural capital of Russia, in a tremendous men’s event. You and the men of CMN have brought about this powerful breakthrough and now we must see it through with PRAYER.
Russia is a nation in continued turmoil since the dynamic fall of the former Soviet Union led to a season of lowered living standards, increased crime, and social upheaval. Now is the time to create a movement of men who follow Jesus with passion and purpose. A powerful movement of Godly men will bring new hope and spiritual breakthrough—and will rescue families in a nation in desperate need of solutions that only Christ brings.
A movement of men committed to Christ, family, and fearless faith will change the future of one of the world’s most influential nations. Key national leaders, local pastors and men from across the region will join Pastor Igor Sokolov, Dr. Rob Carman, Ps. Steve Mack and myself for four intense days of ministry and strategy.
Imagine what it will look like when thousands of men study Maximized Manhood in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Volga, Siberia, Caucasus, across the twenty time zones of this vast nation…it will be huge!
LET’S PRAY TOGETHER FOR THREE DAYS: Become part of this great outreach. At first light on the mornings of May 30, June 1, and June 2, let’s pray together.
I’m asking you to make a commitment to wake up and start your day in prayer for our brothers in Russia for three days. Pray specifically for (1) men to come to Christ, (2) families to be healed, (3) men to be set free, (4) a movement to catch fire.
You can also be an important part of this missions outreach by helping financially. If we all give something we will help them get materials out across the nation. Give here.
Thank the Lord for sending us with the light of the Gospel into a place of great need. And thank you for standing with us, being a part of it all.