Pixie dust won’t help you with this …

Pixie dust won’t help you with this …

It’s the new year! A time for fresh vision, brave beginnings, and new resolutions. 

Too often, as men, we ask God to motivate us … by some means, get us started … somehow thinking that by magic, God could overcome issues that, by habit, we’ve messed up for years.

Tinkerbell isn’t real – she’s not showing up to kick your butt into gear. And God doesn’t shower pixie dust over us to move us along.

In the world of men just a few generations ago, if a man didn’t work, he didn’t eat. If he didn’t get up and plow the field or hunt the game, his family was destitute. It’s still the same today in our lives as men – if you don’t get up and start, you won’t accomplish your personal mission – the dream that God has placed in your heart.

I will guarantee you one thing … if you don’t start, nothing will happen.

God loves things that start, that’s why he created seeds. 

God will inspire your heart, but you must move your feet. It’s true that when you show up, revelation shows up. Magic isn’t what God does – he works in a divine process. Becoming a disciple means to order our lives within the constraints, hope, and favor of His Word. 

My paraphrase of Acts 2:17 reads like this,And this will happen, says God the Father. In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on everyone – every man and woman who pursues me. And your sons and daughters will speak life into culture … the old men will have new dreams and the young men will be visionaries!”

God will empower those who start, who take a step, who pick up their bed of affliction and move. When Jesus told the man to ‘rise up and walk’, that man had a choice. And we have that same choice. Let’s be dreamers and visionaries.

Rise up and … start!

2023 is shaping up to be one of the most significant years in the history of CMN. Let’s be men of courage and passionately go after everything God has empowered us to do. Thank you for being my compadre in this remarkable journey of reaching hundreds of thousands of men for Jesus Christ!

We’ve started – let’s run together!

Let’s make 2023 a year of His presence, power, dreams, vision, and favor. 

For the cause of Christ, with great love and affection.

P.S. Did you catch our live communion event earlier this week with me, Javon Ruff, Robert Barriger, and Doug Stringer? It was a powerful way to start the New Year, and you can catch the replay HERE.