News From Mongolia

News From Mongolia
Eight hundred years ago, the warrior kingdom of Mongolia was one of the largest and most feared in the world. Then came centuries when Genghis Kahn's proud descendants were conquered by neighboring Russia and China. Mongolia became a dark, unknown, hostile nation,influenced by Buddhism from China, ruled by communism from Russia, and largely agnostic.
Then a miracle happened. In 1992, the first Mongolian Bibles were produced. People began to receive Jesus Christ! Churches formed and grew. The first men to become Christians also became house church leaders. One of the first books those young Christian men read was Maximized Manhood. The message from CMN ignited a ministry to men across the nation.

In the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, CMN leader and bi-vocational pastor/church planter Badamdorj Jigjidsuren, has rallied top Christian leaders and imparted the vision of reaching men. CMN men's intensives now take place across the nation. Men's ministry is beginning to flourish. The men of this nation are being reached!

When you support CMN, we're able to invest in more resources to reach men for Christ in Mongolia and around the world. CMN is on the ground in over one hundred nations of the world. Our brothers need prayer, they need translations, they need our support.
The world is being transformed by the power of God - one man at a time. 

Change the heart of a man, change a family. Change a family, change the nation.
This is happening every day, twenty-four hours a day, all over the planet. Amazing.
Let's not back off--let's push forward!