NEW Majoring In Men Foundations Course & MasterClass

NEW Majoring In Men Foundations Course & MasterClass
We have just completed the primary video production for the new Majoring in Men Foundations Course and MasterClass. You’ll be able to get this valuable resource this summer!
“Foundations” will be a gamechanger for men’s leaders and churches worldwide. Built on 40 years of experience, “Foundations” is a tightly-packed, twelve-part course that lays out a Biblical strategy to disciple and raise up strong, godly men.
Dr. Edwin Louis Cole launched the CMN video network in 1986, created the Majoring in Men curriculum in 1999, and this is the next major outreach to minister to the men of the world. Until today, the costs have been prohibitive. But now, because of faithful financial support, we were able to produce a highly professional video in our own CMN studios in Dallas. YES, WE’VE MADE THE JUMP TO THE NEW CMN STUDIO. Rejoice!
This is a move of faith. We trust God for provision, direction, favor, and courage. The intense shooting for “Foundations” is done. Next week we start the MasterClass interviews, in-depth training, and powerful testimonies with leaders such as Dale Bronner, Robert Barriger, Keith Holden, Dwayne Pickett, John Bowman, and more. Pray!
This is a season of favor! Remember what Paul said, “Don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done!” Take action!
Today, we need faithful, financial support to continue this major initiative. The costs are low…but costs are costs! Your dollars help make all the difference in the life of a man, a wife, a child. Thank you for it.