Never forget - the price of freedom

Never forget - the price of freedom
“Warriors are not men of war. They are men of peace who understand that peace is always the result of strength.” (from our new book, The Stalwart Man)

Today we remember and demonstrate our thankfulness to those men and women who have given their lives for the cause of freedom. From the hills of Lexington to the mountains of Iwo Jima, from the shores of Tripoli to the beaches of DaNang. We are a grateful people.

Memorial Day in the U.S. is a time we remember the sacrifice of men and women who deemed duty to country and freedom greater than even their own lives. In other nations, it’s Anzac day or Dodenherdenking day, but every nation that is free today is free because of the sacrifice of its heroes and warriors.

War is hell. We pray for all our military that they would not be engaged in a hot war. But we are thankful to those who are ready. George Orwell’s great quote comes back to me, “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

Jesus said, “For the greatest love of all is a love that sacrifices all. And this great love is demonstrated when a person sacrifices his life for his friends.” John 15:13 TPT

For every family that grieves the loss of a warrior, that feels still the pain of ones who have given their lives for our freedom, we pray may the Lord comfort your heart, may His presence calm your spirit and may the grateful words and thoughts of a thankful nation fill your heart with love and best of memories.

Today on Memorial Day a day of remembrance;

We remember the Heroes and Warriors.

Abraham Lincoln said after the bloody Civil War battle of Gettysburg, “It is for us the living...that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion--that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

We remember those who mourn.

Our brothers and sisters will never be forgotten. The bells of freedom they protected ring clearly in our hearts and spirits. Our hearts are with those who are left behind to deal with the anguish and pain. May we be those who treat them with dignity and honor.

We remember the price of Liberty.

Freedom is never free. And, we must teach the next generation what was at stake, what it cost and what the values of freedom really are. The same danger that happened to Israel can happen to any nation if a new generation forgets the price of freedom and the Biblical values that undergird that freedom.

The United States has been the most generous nation on earth for over 100 years ... we have sent more missionaries, food, and help to nations around the globe than any other country. And this generosity must continue. It comes from leaders and people who cherish the Cross, model the life of Jesus, and who love God and love people.

On this Memorial Day, 2021 ... remember and then resolve. Remember heroes, warriors, liberty and those who grieve. Resolve to be a voice for Christ in a world that rejects him. 

Jesus is ultimately the only path to freedom.