Most men have never heard this from their father

Most men have never heard this from their father
Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer carries global influence as one of the leading Christian academics, and pastor of one of America's most significant churches. We are honored he is bringing a keynote address in Fort Worth, Texas, at the 40th anniversary of Christian Men's Network.
Dr. Ulmer and Dr. Ed Cole often shared the stage at men's conferences in years past. Today, Dr. Ulmer's passion for bringing men to Christ still burns strong.
As we had coffee yesterday, it was obvious he is passionate about training and raising up strong men. At Faithful Central Bible Church in Los Angeles, he has built a powerful ministry to young men--engaging them in a journey from boys to men.
"Most young men have never heard from their father, 'I love you and I am proud of you!" he said. "Just as God spoke words of identity and honor in His Son before Jesus embarked on his journey to the cross, every son needs to hear a father's words of identity, blessing, love, and challenge as part of a rite of passage into manhood."
Dr. Ulmer went on to say, "We want young men to be believed in, to be truly 'seen,' and honored by their father or a father-figure. Young men need to be commissioned for the battles ahead."
As a pastor, the Dean of Kings at Oxford, and former president of Kings University, Dr. Ulmer is a spokesman for the gospel around the world. He is a man who does the work. He's our tribe. 
Join Dr. Ulmer, Steve Kelly, Dale O'Shields, and brothers from your CMN tribe from around the world in Fort Worth this year!