Monday Night Men was on fire in 2021

Monday Night Men was on fire in 2021

Monday nights were on fire throughout 2021 with three seasons of Monday Night Men being released. Even in the midst of the storms that rocked Texas, and significantly damaged our studios in February, your faithful support kept us streaming and reaching men.

The year kicked off as together we helped men understand the Power of Potential. From there we moved through Just a Bartender and unlocked the door to true identity. The final season was stout and challenging as we focused on what it means to be a Real Man.

Here are just a couple of testimonies that show how Monday Night Men is making an impact.

Monday Night Men is about strengthening our foundation in God’s word and developing courage for the journey – building a life filled with purpose and destiny. Together we can defeat fatherlessness, end child abuse, and raise up strong men who love God and love people.

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Working together as brothers - we are making a difference.