MNM Reminder - 6.8.20

MNM Reminder - 6.8.20
It’s week eleven of our CMN Monday Night Men global men’s intensive, live streaming on YouTube and Facebook

The secret to life’s success is purpose, planning, preparation, production. Not only does failure to plan produce stress but the stress is compounded in others. I’ve watched men ruin marriages, businesses, and ministries by the stress produced through procrastination and indecision. The anxiety and strain resulting from haphazard, arbitrary, or out of control work habits and family concerns make life too arduous. More often than not, it indicates a high degree of selfishness.

As a student and later as a civic leader, each with specific demands, Daniel had to balance his time. The wonder of prayer, when placed first in life, makes other things go so much easier. Knowing when to study, pray, work, attend meetings, relax, and enjoy recreation is something learned. The 4 letter word? Yeah – PRAY!

When prayer does not receive first priority, matters seem to be more laborious and much more time-consuming. Quiet reflection in light of God’s Word rejuvenates the flow of creative ideas, gives new perspectives to issues and anointed discernment about people.

Join with other men from around the world tonight as we discover the keys to unlocking a powerful and intimate relationship with God through prayer. You don’t get good and get to God; you get to God, and He makes you good.

The absence of prayer is testimony to your ability; the presence of prayer is testimony to God’s ability.

So, before you forget, set a reminder on your phone to show up tonight at 9:00 PM EST. YouTube at the ChristianMensNetwork YouTube channel or on Facebook at CMN MONDAY NIGHT MEN.