MNM Reminder - 6.22.20

MNM Reminder - 6.22.20
It’s week 13 of our CMN Monday Night Men global men’s intensive, live streaming on YouTube and Facebook

This world is in transition, crisis, and confusion. People today need a voice. They need a role model. The world needs a man who will live an uncompromising life in the midst of a compromising world.

What the world cannot control it will decriminalize and legalize. What the church cannot control, it will rationalize and psychologize. What men cannot control, they will demoralize and compromise.

Compromise comes from the seduction of comfort. Is the church today becoming too comfortable with being acceptable? Do we desire to be accepted into the mainstream culture even at the expense of our morals?

Tonight – an uncomfortable word on these days

We live in perilous times - and will it be tough? The answer is a resounding YES! Why mince words or candy-coat it? Daring to live a godly life is fraught with difficulties and diversions but the result will change the future of the world. The early church was hunted down and beaten – yet the Gospel of Christ outlasted every known culture of that era!

To answer God’s call, to accept the honorable ministry of Christ, to face adversity, you have to be strong. The people who “know their God” will do exploits. For the men who are rooted and grounded in God’s Word, the tough days ahead will be the greatest opportunity of all time to show forth His Glory. STRONG MEN IN TOUGH TIMES!

Before you forget, set a reminder on your phone to show up tonight. YouTube at the ChristianMensNetwork YouTube channel or on Facebook at CMN MONDAY NIGHT MEN.