MNM Reminder - 4.13.20

MNM Reminder - 4.13.20
I hope you had an incredible Resurrection Weekend! It’s a new week and that means...

Tonight is week three of our CMN Monday Night Men global men’s intensive, live streaming on YouTubeand Facebook

We are living in a time when adapting to change is vital. 

Three weeks ago no one had ever heard of social distancing. It was rare to see someone walking around with a face mask but now, they are everywhere. These things are important to change the course of the current pandemic but to change the course of our lives, families, and culture there’s something more’s our belief system.

Your beliefs hold the greatest potential for good or harm in life. What you believe about God holds the potential for death or life everlasting. We will hit that strong tonight … and YOU KNOW A MAN WHO SHOULD BE PART OF CMN MONDAY NIGHT MEN! Please forward the links to him – please hit share on the Facebook posts! Let’s reach men as a team!

What you believe shapes your life. Because it’s basic to your choices, belief is the basis for conduct, character, and destiny. And what you believe has the power to attract or repel your God-given purpose. Many men are taught wrong which leads to believing wrong and yet they hold to it so strongly that they would rather stay wrong than admit it and change. 

So how do you create a foundation of beliefs that attract the destiny God has purposed for you? 

Find out tonight at 9:00 PM EST - on YouTube or Facebook.