MNM - Never Quit - Week 1

MNM - Never Quit - Week 1
Crisis is normal to life. James said crisis “builds our endurance”. But it can also hit us hard with feelings of wanting to give up. In times of crisis, we can be tempted to “chuck it all,” “give it up,” “forget it.” Giving up and giving in during a crisis is one of the most demoralizing decisions we can make. 

Facing the crisis, then overcoming it, can lead to our greatest success. 

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The groundbreaking Monday Night Men global broadcast has deeply impacted the lives of thousands of men. Now, one of the most important and encouraging events we’ve ever done, NEVER QUIT, will energize men by the power of the Holy Spirit and build courage and faith.

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A crisis is the natural result of change – one thing of which we can always be sure. The world is in a constant state of flux. Peoples’ lives change, the business climate fluctuates, world powers realign, history marches on. The earth and our environment constantly evolve. Crisis results in and from change.

Both change and crisis are normal to life. Crisis is normal to life. No one can live in this life without crisis.

The crises we face individually and corporately can lead us to a better life or can become degenerative and detrimental. The outcome rests, not in the nature of the issue, but in what we do with the crisis. It’s never the circumstance–always what we do with it– that determines our future. 

The agony of failure and tormenting thoughts to give up are feelings shared by “winners” and “losers” alike. What people do with the situation is what separates the winners from the losers. Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit. 

This is a men’s group dream come to pass – have your men watch the broadcast then connect in a small group by Zoom or WebEx or in person – whatever works best. Now you’re building men, building your church and connecting with a brotherhood of men across the nations!