MNM - Never Quit - Pre-Launch

MNM - Never Quit - Pre-Launch
Plans prevent panic. If you have a plan you can commit to - then the pressure of the moment will not throw you off balance.

GOD HAS A PLAN. The crisis of Covid-19 or cultural chaos will not deter, detour, prevent or stop the plan of God for the redemption of the entire earth! And we who are committed to that plan will not live in fear, shrink back or be intimidated. We are fully committed to God's plan - the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

HERE'S HOW TO LAUNCH THE PLAN. Beginning Monday, August 3, we will be engaging thousands of men on YouTube, Facebook, Instragram and every social media platform with the powerful book NEVER QUIT.

As men, we were in crisis long before the pandemic and cultural upheaval. Today’s environment has only poured gas on the fire. You’ve seen the alarming statistics. I don’t need to repeat them. BUT WE HAVE THE ANSWER. A PLAN. GOD'S PLAN.

To bring Christ into the life of every man in every nation. The global broadcast of NEVER QUIT will energize men by the power of the Holy Spirit into greater anointing. Join us as we stream on YouTube at the ChristianMensNetwork. Join the group on Facebook at CMN MONDAY NIGHT MEN.

During this intensive we’ll cover:
  • What to do in this present crisis and what NOT to do
  • Ten steps to leave the old and enter the new – your step-by-step path to new heights, great success, stunning victories
  • “How to” on transforming crisis into an overwhelming success
  • What is your part, what is God's part – Remember: you are not God. You can’t do what he can, he won’t do what you can
  • Maintaining your new level – it’s always easier to obtain than maintain
  • And a ton more, as we answer questions and share ideas from brothers who are searching for answers just like you.

Here’s what you can do right now to prepare:

Men are gathering 3 guys, 12 guys, as many as 50 men to watch together and meet up after to discuss, pray, and support one another. So, reach out to your brothers to get your group together. Or do a Zoom call with your guys - it's a plan to engage all your men!

Order your books and workbooks to have them in time for our first session. ORDER HERE

Grab a friend, bring your guys together, and join us all on YouTube at the Monday Night Men’s Intensive starting August 3, as we study WINNERS ARE NOT THOSE WHO NEVER FAIL, BUT THOSE WHO NEVER QUIT!