MNM - Never Quit - Lesson Two (Chapter 3)

MNM - Never Quit - Lesson Two (Chapter 3)
The Bible says that Elijah “was a man subject to like passions as we are.” He was as human as any of us, faced temptations with the same conflicts that we experience and, in desperation, was brought to the brink of failure.

When we read the account of his trials, temptations and testing, we find that his greatest crisis did not come from external foes or from the formidable circumstances he faced, but it came from within his own soul in his time of solitude.

Elijah faced his greatest battle immediately after achieving his greatest victory. King David yielded to temptation the day after one of his greatest victories. The Lord Jesus Christ was engaged by Satan in a battle of temptation immediately after being baptized with the Holy Spirit in the river Jordan.

The pattern and principle following great victories throughout Scripture and history, right up to the present time, is: ​The day after the battle is more important than the eve. Elijah was a man. A real man. God’s man. Rugged, individualistic, stalwart, a leader and loner. But then, leadership can be a lonely life.

He was also a prophet. A man of conviction.

Along with Moses, he was and is one of God’s greatest prophets, unique in the Kingdom of God. His spirit was to be the forerunner to Christ and was found in the message of John the Baptist.

At times, he suffered from persecution, betrayal and denial, but he never lost his concern for God’s honor and, in spite of people’s opposition to his message, displayed great compassion for others. But...

He Never Quit.

God gives us the exact blueprint of how to stay strong and resilient in the midst of the battle. He lays out what you need to become a stalwart man who is unwavering. He provides the ingredients to living a life where we never quit.

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