MNM 4.6.20 | Winner

MNM 4.6.20 | Winner
God has built into you undeniable characteristics to carry you, your family, your church, and your community through storms like this. 

Wired into your God-given DNA are the attributes of grit, resilience, perseverance, and tenacity. These are not emotions or feelings. These are high-octane forces built into your core. 

Ephesians chapter 1 is replete with the fact that God has lavished on us all of His love, power and anointing. At times like these especially, we need to grab it.

We often talk about, “rising to the occasion,” “stepping up” to a moment of resistance or battle. But, here’s the rub …

You don’t “rise to the battle” – you rise or fall to the level of your preparation.

CMN Monday Night Men is a global men’s intensive launched to prepare you for the battle – to build into men a heart of strength, courage, grit, and wisdom.

AT 9:00 PM EST TONIGHT we go live and you need to join us here or here

When you just show up and stay with the other guys going through it: 
  • You will strengthen your heart
  • You will develop an unshakable core
  • You will become more resilient 
  • Your capacity will be enlarged to withstand tough times
  • Your love of God will go deeper
  • You’ll come through this crisis as a champion, and be fully prepared for your next steps

We all need wisdom and courage to navigate the path we are on, especially at this time. 

Set a reminder on your phone, put it on your refrigerator, write it on your shorts – just show up tonight at 9:00 PM EST. YouTube at the ChristianMensNetwork YouTube channel or on Facebook at CMN MONDAY NIGHT MEN.