Miracle in Peru by CMN Brotherhood of Fire

Miracle in Peru by CMN Brotherhood of Fire

This week—the CMN brotherhood in action will deliver the compassion of Christ to a nation!!

On March 8, 2018, top government, civic, community leaders and dignitaries of Peru with the National Fire Commander and firefighting crews from Lima will gather for a special ceremony with CMN South America leader Pastor Robert Barriger, CMN Brotherhood of Fire leader Division Chief Mick Moffitt and a CMN U.S. team to present over $300,000 of personal firefighting equipment donated by firefighters across the U.S. The ceremony will be broadcast on national networks and news media.

In June 2017, a massive fire tore through the factory district of downtown Lima. Buildings burned to foundations, hundreds of people were displaced, many died, firefighters were injured. Pastor Robert Barriger and Camino de Vida church teams went to the scene daily to feed firefighters and render aid. Then, the CMN brotherhood went into action.

The fire had torn through a full city block for over a week. In the ordeal, many firefighters lost their personal protection equipment to the smoke, water, and fire. Lima firefighters provide their own gear, which is very expensive—costing close to a year’s average salary. They had sacrificed to save enough to purchase it just so they could help others, and now it was gone.

To aid these brave firefighters and provide new personal protection gear, CMN Brotherhood of Fire leader Mick Moffitt and The Training Division in Fort Worth, Texas, teamed up with CMN and Camino de Vida. From across the United States, firefighters gathered new and slightly used Hazmat suits and personal protective gear and donated it to the hundreds of brave men and women in Lima, Peru.

CMN Board member, Somebody Cares founder Doug Stringer connected CMN Brotherhood of Fire with Seaboard Marine who donated the expensive cargo containers and shipped the materials to Peru FREE of charge. Houston CMN leader and Hurricane Harvey hero Pastor Mike May walked through the extensive paperwork in Houston to shepherd the shipment through customs. Many hands were involved to bring about the miracle.

This week, a CMN team from the US will participate in the formal celebrations, then conduct a men’s event with the men of Peru and many nations across South America. It’s a BIG WEEK for CMN worldwide. Let’s rejoice!

PLEASE PRAY for more breakthroughs with your CMN brothers who are working in some of the hardest places on earth. This is the brotherhood of CMN in action.


Remember to pray for South America this week. Let’s reach the world for Jesus together…one man at a time.