Michael Phillips at Lions Roar 2018

Michael Phillips at Lions Roar 2018
Pastor Michael Phillips is one of the most influential pastors involved in the US education system today and is highly respected in his native Baltimore for his extensive work in community restoration, plus his church that sits as a “city on a hill” in his neighborhood.

In short, Michael GETS IT. When it comes to facing a struggle, where some men take cover, Michael TAKES ACTION.

Twenty years ago, he and his wife moved “home” to Baltimore to take over an inner-city church. I preached there two weeks ago, and I can tell you, it is rocking! Michael is discipling hundreds of men.

Pastor Michael connects with young men across socioeconomic backgrounds, helping them realize their dreams—for some it’s to get out of gangs and the drug culture, for others to develop healthy marriages and strong careers. Michael’s men are experiencing astonishing results. What a testimony to BROTHERHOOD.

YOU will hear Michael during the evening meetings, AND you’ll get counsel and insight directly from him at the Leadership Intensive during the day. Ask him how he does it! Let him solve a problem for you!

Whatever you do, register today!

This is your opportunity to meet some of the greatest leaders in the world all in one place...to be enlarged, encouraged and filled with a fresh passion.

It’s coming up November 8, 9, 10. Judi and I will be there – she wants me to remind you to bring your wife—we’ll have a fantastic time. But it won’t be the same without YOU. Please register now. We’ll see you there.