Men have problems, here's solutions

Men have problems, here's solutions
Our men are facing tough issues. Over 30% of our men pre-Covid won't return to church, divorce rates are up 28%, opioid deaths up 48%, rental and mortgage failures rising - and the online church isn't growing ministry to men for most churches. 

We have solutions.

CMN has over 40 years experience in discipling men in all types of cultures. With active ministry in over 100 nations, over 60,000 churches and 20 million men impacted - we've seen almost every issue and obstacle. We've learned how to make it all work - even in today's environment. We'll help you start, or get re-started with a path to growing healthy men, healthy families and a strong church.

Our Majoring in Men curriculum is recognized as the most widely-used men’s discipleship material in the world. This is why week after week we are welcoming more men who are taking action to start and lead new MIM groups.

The results speak for themselves - when men are engaged, we see a 20% increase in salvations, church attendance, workers, and income. 

What is the future of your church? The #1 factor for a child to keep attending as an adult is the father’s church attendance when children are young. If a father does not attend, no matter how faithful the mom is, only one child in 50 will become a regular worshipper. 

Today, we invite you to continue the journey you began with CMN and engage your men with the Majoring In Men curriculum. Need help? Our experienced coaches and leaders are standing by to give you the assistance you need. 

For a limited time, this course is entirely FREE. Friends of CMN have already paid for your membership. Right now you can have access to the entire in-depth church growth program for free. 

Learn more and get access to Majoring In Men Foundations HERE
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The Brave Men podcast is wisdom and courage for the journey - navigating life with the help of a father's voice. Paul Louis Cole is founder/president of the Global Fatherhood Initiative.