Memorial Day

Memorial Day
Take full advantage of your freedom. It was paid for with a great price.

Today in the United States we remember those men and women who paid the ultimate price for liberty – they gave their lives so that we would live in freedom. Around the free world during the course of each year these national memorial times are held, and they are sacred. In New Zealand and Australia, it’s Anzac day, in Germany it’s capped by a song of remembrance that says, “I had a good comrade, he walked by my side."

That is the true brotherhood – we walk together.

In October of 1944 as World War Two was breaking in full fury a young seaman first class watched as kamikaze’s flew over his ship, bombs blew up others and the chaos of war exploded around him. It was the largest naval battle in world history – the Battle of Leyte Gulf. He was stationed on the frigate, USS San Pedro. My dad told me years later of the smoke and terror of bombs and death. Stories of the men his boat rescued. He spoke about being at sea for fourteen months without touching land, of the courage of sailors and soldiers who fought as brothers. My dad returned from war, others didn’t.
For many families then and now their beloved son or daughter didn’t return from the mission. For those families we pray the peace and grace of God will cover them. And we are ever grateful for their sacrifice.

What is our response to the sacrifice of others for our freedom?

I believe you and I must honor the sacrifice of brave men and women by becoming everything God placed us on the earth to be. That’s why we minister with all our might – that men would become the fathers, husbands, sons and friends that liberty demands.

I trust you will find time to be with loved ones and family. But you and I must also invest the time to build our lives, help others and redeem the sacrifice of our brothers.

Semper Paratus is the motto of the U.S. Coast Guard, it means, “Always Ready”. My dad lived that the rest of his life.