Meet Javon Ruff, get filled with hope and purpose

Meet Javon Ruff, get filled with hope and purpose

Javon Ruff is a leader of men. He stirs the hearts of champions.

When Javon speaks, men hear the hope they’ve needed so they can live with confident expectation.

As pastor of a large, diverse congregation in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Javon speaks truth and light into the pervading darkness. He is a man that carries a deep passion for Jesus and produces an infectious passion for people to be set free in Christ.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future. Hope is built on a solid foundation – that foundation is Jesus.” Statements like these flow from Javon, whose rough start in life makes them even more remarkable. 

Today, Javon leads ministry to men for a significant group of churches called Free Chapel led by Jentezen Franklin. Together with his wife, Shana, who is a licensed counselor, they are national leaders in the fight to restore the family as the center of a healthy community.

When you spend time with Pastor Javon Ruff – your heart is filled with hope and purpose and the inner strength to go after your destiny. This year at Lions Roar 2022, you will hear a word that will invigorate the very core of your soul. 

Be there with Javon and other men who will make you stronger than you ever imagined. -
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