Making Right Choices

Making Right Choices
“Every bad decision or wrong move in my life has had one unchanging constant: I was there.” I don’t know who said that first, but it’s true. Our choices create our reality. My thinking from last year has put me where I am today. We don’t arrive where we are by someone else’s thinking. It’s our thinking that gets us here.
CMN friend and leader Joel Brooks says it this way, “If we don’t change our thinking, then our past is our future.” The choices we make today are vitally important to our destiny.
The choice to attend the CMN Global Summit isn’t about today’s circumstances, it’s about tomorrow’s victories.
The Global Summit is the empowering presence of God and friends – the brotherhood – to enable us to live at a higher level. Today’s choice gives me tomorrow’s courage.
In one location, for forty-eight hours, many of the greatest Christian leaders in the world all come to one place, and with one purpose. To make us Christlike men – and help us build Christlike men. It is a remarkable opportunity.
Join us, make the choice to go deeper in God, stronger in faith, more connected to brothers, more successful in life, making more impact in your community and the world.
MAKE THE CHOICE. JOIN US. CLICK HERE. NOW. The CMN Global Summit November 7-9, 2019, Dallas.