LR18 The Lions Roared! And, You Get A FREE Resource

LR18 The Lions Roared! And, You Get A FREE Resource
Bishop Dale Bronner texted me late Thursday night of Lions Roar and said, "This is so very powerful." Paul Forrest has been a part of CMN for 40 years and said, "I don't ever remember a Lions Roar that had more momentum attached to it - our most significant days are ahead!" Robert Barriger said, "It's a new season. God is doing something remarkable and we have to move with great intensity." Others echoed the same. It was amazing - we're still in the afterglow. I'm watching every session again to get the depth and detail of the ministry.

We will send you highlights and teaching from Lions Roar over the next few weeks - BUT, YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THE ENTIRE SUMMIT ON ACHIEVELAB.ORG

Every breakout session with business leaders, pastors roundtable with key apostolic leaders and every leadership and plenary session from T.D. Jakes to Stephen Mansfield will all be on the new CMN internet broadcasting site. The sessions are being edited and start being loaded this week.

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In case you were not at Lions Roar OR EVEN IF YOU WERE THERE! BE SURE to partner with CMN and sign up at as a CMN Team partner for as little as $15 per month to watch ALL Lions Roar videos as they're edited and start uploading right NOW. Many of our friends are giving $80 per month, most churches and businesses are sponsoring more. WE are all working together to reach men and dads around the world.
AchieveLab features 16 jam-packed channels of classic and current videos curated to help you discover the keys to fulfillment and success. Brilliant teaching, inspiring wisdom, encouraging words in hundreds of hours by leading experts, authors, coaches and ministers.
Even as the whole conference is being uploaded to, you can already watch and share HUGE FRIDAY NIGHT with Bishop TD Jakes, Jurgen Mathesius, and Michael Murphy, at the Lions Roar 2018 Global Summit. SHARE it with all your friends!


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