Lion or tiger? Becoming one of these could kill you...

If a lion and a tiger fight, the tiger will almost always defeat the lion. But if five lions and five tigers fight, the lions will almost always win because the lions will form a pride. They form a brotherhood. The tigers lose because they continue to fight individually.

Lions Roar 2018 in Dallas on November 8-10 is about brotherhood. It's about resilience, grit, determination. It's about falling down and getting back up.

You are personally invited. Come belong to a band of brothers who have learned that it's better to be together as brothers, in a pride, than to fight individually. It’s men who are not just doing pretty Instagrams, but getting dirty hands. It’s uncommon, stalwart men who get stuff done.

This is your tribe. Join us November 8-10. All the details are at

I look forward to seeing you there.