Let's talk next Thursday. Thanks -PC

Let's talk next Thursday. Thanks -PC
Will 2020 ever get better? YES ­– it’s pivot time! The 2020 Global Summit is ON – “Lions Roar.” The theme is STRONGER because we’re going to end this year STRONGER and go into 2021 STRONGER…on-site or online, we need you with us November 5-7.
Please join the Gideons 300 and Commissioned Men for an important zoom call:
           Thursday, October 15
           4:30p Central / 5:30p Eastern
           Zoom link: CLICK HERE
Let’s talk Summit and let’s talk specifics:
  • The Global Fatherhood Initiative in America
  • Review the powerful results of the Vietnam Never Quit Initiative
  • The future of CMN in other dangerous nations
Let’s talk solutions to shocking problems:
  • According to church strategist Carey Nieuwhof, it’s likely that “30% of the men in our churches pre-pandemic won’t return.”
  • Over 90% of the teen men in our churches will be gone by the time they are 23.
  • Over 60% of high school students have anxiety disorders
  • Suicide is becoming the largest killer of teens.
Dr. Warren Farrell (The Boy Crisis) said recently, “The overarching issue we have that affects all the core of America’s heart, is millions of young men who are dad-deprived.”
Isaiah laid out the foundations for a strong culture:
For behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts, Takes away from Jerusalem and from Judah, your security, The whole supply of bread and the whole supply of water; The mighty man and the man of war…” (Isaiah 3:1-2 | NKJV)
In essence, to destroy a culture, God first takes away security, bread and water, symbolizing removing the presence of God – Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
God then takes away THE MIGHTY MAN AND THE MAN OF WAR. The most important people, the ones to take out first in order to destroy a culture, the ones the culture was built on is mighty men and men of war.
Great cultures have always been built on the character of heroes and the courage of warriors.
Let’s call out the godly men of the land—the men with the heart of a warrior.
Join us;           Thursday, October 15
                        4:30p Central / 5:30p Eastern
                        Zoom link: CLICK HERE
BEFORE THE CALL – register to attend in person or online: CMNSummit.com
It’s Nov 5 – 7 at the DFW Lakes Hilton, DFW airport area, and will be held in a detached building.