One step is all it took for Billy Graham to start down an aisle in a Mordecai Ham revival meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina Thursday night, November 1, 1934. That one positive step changed eternity for him, his family and millions of people forever.

One step is all it took for Bernie Madoff to begin faking his books and swindling thousands of investors. It was just one small change in an accounting entry. He thought he could fix it later … but that one negative step changed everything for him, and for millions of people.

For you, the passionate follower of Jesus Christ, Proverbs 20:24 says, “… each step you take is ordained by God to bring you closer to your destiny” 

One step in the wrong direction can set you back for years. One step in the right direction sets you up for success. POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE. STRONGER OR WEAKER.

One step can lead to a stronger life, more distinct revelation and deeper fulfilment in your life. That one step is registering now for the CMN STRONGER Global Summit. REGISTER HERE.

IN PERSON AND ONLINE. This will be a defining moment in the forward movement to fulfilling your destiny. Take one step in a positive direction. 

Nothing in the world looks the same this year, including the Global Summit. But it’s shaping up to be the most unique and rewarding event we’ve ever held. What the enemy has meant for evil God is turning around for good and giving us the opportunity to take a step forward in the midst of the let downs during this tumultuous year. 

This is not a time to back down - it’s a time to step forward with undaunted determination.

All the details are at CMNSummit.com

Join me, Dale Bronner, Rob Carman, Robert Barriger, Javon Ruff, Michael Murphy, Venshard Dobbins, Pierre duPlessis, and other global influencers, thought leaders, creators and provocateurs. Stalwart men are converging ONLINE from the US, Brazil, Germany, Peru, Indonesia and beyond. These men will enlarge your life.

You’re going to gain a fresh anointing, renewed courage for every aspect of your life, and more tools and resources you need to live your life STRONGER. 

We’re running out of seating for the live event so be sure to register TODAY! Or gather a group around a screen and watch online.

Make this one step you will never regret.

It's going to be great - but it won't be the same without YOU. I'm glad we're in this together...