Join Steve Weatherford and get fired up!

Join Steve Weatherford and get fired up!
This year’s Lion’s Roar will be the strongest summit we have ever held and will include powerhouse leaders and men of influence like Super Bowl champion Steve Weatherford. 

Steve is a blast of exuberant life – a righteous man energetically dogged in pursuit of his sacred mission. His goal at
Lions Roar 22 is to see you come to a more vibrant faith in Christ – fully committed to becoming a warrior for your family, friends, and neighbors. 

Steve says, “If we make our kids’ lives too easy, how do we think that's going to make them as adults? Tough times create hard men. Hard times create tough men. Soft times create soft leaders. We're raising a lot of soft leaders right now.”

Steve excelled as a decathlete before his ten years in the NFL. He wears a Super Bowl XLVI ring from 2011 with the NY Giants. Known as the “fittest man in the NFL,” Steve has been a global advocate for spiritual wholeness and health for years. The Veritas supplements he launched are now used by high achievers everywhere. He is a business owner, motivational speaker, author, and father of six. 

Get around Steve and up your game. His message, life, and presence will challenge and strongly benefit you in mind, spirit, and body. Lions Roar 2022.
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There are fewer than 250 seats left. 

It is a remarkable venue in Dallas with tremendous amenities – we added one more meal, more coffee, over $100 of free digital tools, more breakout equipping sessions, and more time to connect with new friends. 

In just 72 hours, increase your influence as a man and leader.

November 3-5, 2022
1:00 pm Thursday to 1:00 pm Saturday

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