Join me and Bishop Dale Bronner

Join me and Bishop Dale Bronner

We are in a culture that is at war with God. There is an incessant attack on the family, an increasing derision of manhood and a denial of God’s righteousness, love and justice.

We don’t just need inspiration – we need a Jesus revelation in the hearts of men. The incarnation of Christ and His kingdom.

You'll get exactly that at this year's
Lions Roar Global Summit this November 3-5 in Richardson, Texas, on the north side of Dallas.

Just being in the room with men of exceptional faith and power will enlarge your spirit. Catching their spirit as they speak will revive your soul. Men like.....

Bishop Dale C. Bronner is one of the leading statesmen for Christianity in the world today. Born to one of the most successful Black entrepreneurs in America, Bishop Bronner committed as a young man to lead as many people as he could to faith in Jesus Christ.

From youth conferences to gang outreaches to building a family church to his music and writings, he has stayed true to that youthful covenant with God. He is a man on a mission to carry Jesus to the nations. 

Bishop Bronner speaks with authority and compels men to a make a choice.

Are you in – or are you out?

Be at Lions Roar with the CMN Brotherhood.

Warriors for Faith.

Register today 
Come join me. When you get there, I want to shake your hand. And I want you to meet men who set the world on fire. It's exactly what you need.

It's going to be tremendous, but it won't be the same without you.