Jesus is being CANCELLED

Jesus is being CANCELLED
The absent Jesus.

An entire study book was written by the Times Literary Supplement on the Gospels - and Jesus wasn’t mentioned. How does that happen? Around the same time, A World History of Christianity was published by a major company, and Jesus was almost entirely absent!

Over and over, culture is canceling the center of all creation, the author of creation, the only hope for mankind - Jesus.

When the legendary American football coach Vince Lombardi took the ragtag team called the Green Bay Packers from loser to champion, he did it by going back to the basics.

His famous speech started with, “Gentleman, this is a football.” He started at the beginning with the object of the game, blocking and tackling, endurance, resilience, and preparation. 

That’s where we’re at right now as men of God.

We must go back to the basics. And for you and me, that is the power of the Cross, the renewal found in redemption, the freedom found in the presence of God, the anointing and healing power of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the fruit of the Spirit. 

Lions Roar this year is about the exponential power of the basics. How do we reach millions of men for Christ? How do we influence our nation's cultures for Christ? If all of our great theological sermons, cool lights, and sound systems have not captured the heart of today’s young men - how do we talk about Jesus in the midst of a hostile culture?

We need to move from being more concerned about sound systems to be more concerned about a sound system of discipling men. That’s it.

We need to do the hard work of renewal and restoration. 
We need to walk with men, not just talk to men. 

If you desire to be part of a vanguard of men, a brotherhood of action - join us Nov 3 - 5 in Dallas.

Here’s the link -
Lion's Roar.

BRING three friends, your three top leaders … be in the room with men who are changing the world.

We’re already over 40% full, so register today - and get a great discount by bringing some friends.

Encouraging, inspiring, equipping. Blocking and tackling. Jesus on every street and in every heart. We are CMN, we rescue men.

See you in Dallas. It won’t be the same without you.