It’s always too early to quit

It’s always too early to quit

Even the best of us get stuck. We all have storms and obstacles. The enemy doesn't want your life to count ... for you to have lived with purpose.

  • Columbus faced mutiny and despair - but he pressed on.
  • Jacob was tired - but he kept wrestling.
  • Joseph was in prison - but he held on to his dream.
  • Peter denied Christ - but he kept showing up.
  • Isaac Newton's mom wanted him to be a farmer - but he pushed through the obstacles - invented calculus and the laws of gravity and optics.
If you have found yourself in a place of struggle and have felt like throwing in the towel our good friend Rob Carman has a powerful word for you. 

In this video (less than 5 minutes long) Rob tells the story of Christopher Columbus’s maiden voyage to what now is America; that his men had grown weary after weeks without seeing any land or the signs of land. But Columbus wouldn't turn back.

Think how the story would have been different if Columbus had listened to the negative talk and negative emotions. He would have returned with nothing but regret and disappointment. But, he had faith.

And think how your story becomes different if you quit too soon.

It’s always too early to quit. If we give up and turn back in the midst of the struggle it leaves us with nothing but the struggle. The struggle is always the path to victory!

Your purpose is on the other side of the struggle.

We all have obstacles, struggles, negative thinking, and adverse difficulties. It’s easy to quit in the middle of the fight. Most men die with regrets - not of what they did - but of what they didn't attempt.

Here's Rob Carman's powerful video: And, please share this with a brother you know that needs it right now.