Is this really happening in Vietnam?

Is this really happening in Vietnam?

For years the CMN brotherhood has banded together to sow into Vietnamese pastors and church leaders with prayer, books, resources, and online training. 

As a result, a historic men's movement is exploding in Vietnam! 

Men are hungry - pastors are rising to the occasion.  And just a few days ago, we received word from church leaders that they have an immediate need for more training to fuel the fires of revival.

So, next week (May 3-4), CMN will launch a TWO-night Vietnam livestream to equip these pastors even more.

You can be a part of this historic telecast by praying for hundreds of pastors and leaders as they watch LIVE in Vietnam.

Please consider giving to this powerful church-building event.

P.S. – Your continued support of the global ministry of CMN helps reach men not only in Vietnam but also in over 100 other nations around the world. This is a powerful missions outreach to rescue men, transform families and defeat fatherlessness.