However, There Was Hagar

Abraham fully trusted God. In Romans chapter 4, we read that Abraham never wavered in trusting God.

He is described as the father of faith. He walked with God into his future without holding back. He received a promise that he would be the father of a great nation.

However. There was Hagar.

Abraham trusted God. Yet, he was a man … just like you and me. He had a tough time waiting for a promise God gave him. He became so short of patience to have an heir that his wife Sarah suggested he have sex with her servant to have a baby. He did. (Apparently, he didn’t resist the suggestion :)

It was a huge mistake.

A young baby named Ishmael was born. He was not the child of promise. Fifteen years later when Sarah had Isaac, the promise was fulfilled.

But Romans chapter 4 goes on to say that the greatness of Abraham was not in his obedience to every law … but that he followed God with all of his heart.

His greatness was found in relationship over performance.

We make mistakes. We birth Ishmaels. We have to live with them. But God never stops working toward the promise that He has spoken over our lives.