How to move from failure to success

How to move from failure to success
Seen any failures around you recently? Our world is filled with failures—economic failures, business failures, marriage failures, school failures and more. What do we do with failure to turn it into success?

What could be more important in this present day than to learn how to make success out of failure, or how to keep going to matter how difficult the road is?

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Accomplishing a goal is, in Christian circles, called “victory.” People often pray for “victory,” which is powerful, God-glorifying, and a worthy goal. But how do we get there? Tonight, we’re looking at the steps we need to take so any failure can end up as a victory.

Equally important to achieving the victory, is how we maintain that success. It's easier to obtain than to maintain. I​t is easier to win territory in a war than to govern the territory once the war is over. It is easier to win a person to marriage than to keep the marriage healthy and thriving after the wedding.

How can you walk in constant victory? God’s pattern for our lives is a pattern of growth. Under His care, we grow, expand, enlarge, and accept greater responsibility to reach maturity.

Tests of growth always come through crisis. The crisis does not necessarily make us strong. It simply shows how strong we are. If we are strong enough to pass, we realize our strength and become even stronger in faith, courage, conviction, ability, and a variety of attributes.

We can either pass or fail each test. If we fail, we will carry that failure with us unless it is purified from us through a God-given process.

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