Here’s How Clint Got His Hands On The Super Bowl Trophy!

Here’s How Clint Got His Hands On The Super Bowl Trophy!
What happened to my friend Clint was remarkable. And, you helped make it happen ... and we can do it again a thousand times!

I'm writing just to to you and 320 other good friends. This story presents a tremendous opportunity for you and me - and what God used to transform my friend Clint’s life. He was abandoned by his stepfather and on a path to destruction. But someone led him to Christ and he started a new journey by reading, re-reading, and underlining a book called Maximized Manhood. Paired with his athletic ability, his Christlike masculinity took him all the way to Super Bowl XLVIII—and he won!
Remarkable miracles like this happen every day somewhere in the world.... Today, thousands more "Clints" need to be reached. Men, both young and old, are increasingly committing suicide. Young men are plagued by anxiety disorders and worse. Most churches do not have a plan or pattern to disciple them—but we do! And today, we have a new strategy to accelerate discipling men…
We've just finished initial video shooting on the new Majoring in Men Foundations Course--a tightly-packed twelve-part course that lays out the Biblical strategy to disciple and raise up strong, godly men. This is a game-changer.

Now, we need to finish the edit and interviews with leaders like Brian Houston, Dale Bronner, James Dobson, and others, then deploy the training online. Most pastors have a passion to reach men, they just don't have a pattern. The Majoring in Men pattern, along with strong training, allows pastors to engage men on a new level of discipleship, and allows men to reach more men.
The total need is $28,000 to finish. Some men have committed toward this already.
Have you helped someone move something heavy? It's usually, "1-2-3, LIFT." This is that moment for CMN. And, I believe if we LIFT together to complete this work, we can impact thousands of men and their families. You can make an online donation or send a gift to Box 3, Grapevine, Texas 76099.
The mighty men who have supported this ministry for years are the ones who helped Clint get to the Super Bowl. The mighty warriors reading this today will help today's "Clints." There is nothing more fulfilling than to hear a miracle in someone's life, and realize, "I helped do that!" 
My dad taught that to be an answer to another's prayer is one of life's greatest treasure. Thank you for being an answer to someone's greatest need today.