Hear how this church has GROWN during Covid

Hear how this church has GROWN during Covid

This church in a coastal city has grown during the Covid crisis. Here’s an unrehearsed open conversation with the pastor, David Bendett. And why he’s committed to discipling men. This is about real answers – stuff that can be done in any setting.

Shocking reports have been coming out for the past few years confirming the results of confusion in men – over 90% of the young teen men and women in our churches will be gone by the time they are twenty three. Over 60% of our high school students have anxiety disorders, suicide is becoming the largest killer of teens. A purposeless future has increased anger and rage killing thousands of people every month through murder, violence, wars, famine and drug overdose. Chaos seems to reign.

What do we do now? Pastor David has some answers.
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Rock City Church in Corpus Christi has been focused on discipling strong men for over 6 years … and the fruit is evident. Large numbers of volunteers, building expansion, city outreach, in-person attendance increase and financial health.

The church has adjusted often to culture. The real issue we face now is that the culture has shifted again – men are not seekers, they are runners. They’re not looking for God, they’re running from accountability.

David Bendett is an entrepenuer pastor. He and his wife Amber own four craft coffee shops, Coffee Waves, that have been voted the Best on the Coast. He has pastored at Rock City Church for ten years. He can be reached by writing to Office@CMN.men