Have you missed your shot?

I’ve heard the same lament from hundreds of men during forty years of mentoring and coaching. 

“I had my shot. It’s gone.”

It always sounds the same because it’s from the same source. The enemy has convinced them of the same old tired lie: “You can’t do it. It’s too late.”

The lie cuts two ways. Either, you’re not qualified, no one would ever want you, and you’re stupid for thinking you could do it. Or, you’re disqualified, you made bad choices, you’re out.

That lie becomes the identifying factor that limits a man’s life. 

At the root of the lie is a wrong picture of God. It paints God to be like a man who judges solely on actions or outward attributes, basing His measure of a man on performance or good qualities.
Just because you feel like you’ve missed your shot in life doesn’t mean you have. 

This week’s devotional comes from Michael Murphy. Get ready to gain a new perspective and understand that you have more potential and can do more than you think you can. Click through to watch it now and get back in the game.