Great News From Brazil

Great News From Brazil
Brazil--in the news today for fires in the rainforest that can affect the world. An important nation, and a land of contrasts. Massive jungles and miles of high rises...wealth and resources and corruption and relentless poverty. From the beaches of Rio to the piranha of the Amazon, Brazil is a fascinating, stirring maelstrom of culture. With a population of 210 million people, 50 million live in poverty. And now, it's a nation swept up in a move of God...

Spiritually, a powerful wave of revival in the sixties declined into traditions and dogma. Now, a new breed of leaders are building great communities of faith based on the best of the past and the strength of today. Thousands of churches are beginning again to thrive. A major part of this is the rise of the ministry to men. University of the Family (UDF) and CMN are partners in the nationwide campaign to reach men.

Thousands of churches are now evangelizing men and taking the renewal deeper into full discipleship. Last week, hundreds of pastors and leaders coordinated with CMN’s energetic and passionate director Marcos Pohl to launch four major events in São Paulo, Jundiaí, Rio de Janeiro and Falls Iguazú. Events like these take place almost weekly across Brazil.
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