From Bishop Dale Bronner: How I'm Voting In November

From Bishop Dale Bronner: How I'm Voting In November
At the US election in two weeks, I'm voting for the Kingdom of God. My vote is for Christ.

When I ascertain the merits of a candidate, my first standard is the Word of God, not a political party.

Then I'm looking at how the candidates treat their family, their spouse, their staff, so I can see what their life might be like when they're out of the lights. My next concern is my community, do they add value or is it all just talk? Do they love and serve the community, or is it more a lust for power and self-serving motives?

When we meet together in two weeks at the Christian Men's Network Global Summit, Lions Roar 2018,  we'll talk about the issues of life that are vital to the future of our nation, and truly the future of nations around the world.

We are called to steward our lives according to the gospel. The stewardship of your vote is part of that call. We are called to go into all the earth and preach the gospel to all men. Attending a Summit like Lions Roar helps you to steward that call.

I encourage you to get out and vote according to God's standards, not man's. And, I encourage you to come, bring a friend, and meet me in Dallas on November 8-10. 

Together, let's vote for righteousness by building strong men, strong families and strong churches.