Forge Your Legacy

It’s time to start telling yourself a different story about what it means to be a father.

And that story begins with recognizing God as our Father.

Jesus said to pray, 'Our Father who is in heaven.' It starts with a declaration of relationship. He is our Father.  He didn’t say to pray to the great sovereign one, or great creator, or even God our healer. It is much more personal. Our Father.

Jesus taught us to pray to ‘Our Father in heaven.’

Why would he use that picture, that image, for us to relate to him? Father—a word that to many means 'the one who bailed on me,' 'the one who wasn’t there,' 'the one who never affirmed me.' But God wants to imprint our minds with the most powerful image He can use… Our Father.

Embrace this role - not as the one who left or was absent, but as the one who stands firm, provides, and loves unconditionally.

God sees you. He never loses sight of His masterpiece—you.

As a father, your influence extends beyond teaching; it’s about giving your heart. Your presence and authority shape your children's future. Be the father who instills strength, courage, and purpose.

Lead with your heart, live with courage and build a legacy of greatness.