The Lions will Roar! “148” is why we’ll be in-person and online November 5-7 in Dallas:
The British sociologist Robin Dunbar postulated that the average number of active and personal relationships a man could have at any one time is 148. Many men have thousands of “friends” on social media – but when you think of who you know personally – the number becomes much smaller.
THOSE MEN YOU KNOW PERSONALLY IS WHY WE DO LIONS ROAR! It’s not about the millions of men in nations around the world, though they are our ultimate goal – it’s about the men you know in your world. The world is changed one man at a time.
You have 148 extremely important reasons to attend Lions Roar 2020 either online or on-location: the men in your world you can influence. The 2020 CMN Global Summit #STRONGER is designed to make you more effective in life. Your heart will be re-energized. Whether online or in-person, you’ll meet and hang with some of the most amazing men in the world. And, the women will have “One Heart” either online or on-location on Friday.
We can accommodate 120 men in person. Register today. We’ll have the latest in Covid-19 safety with onsite specialists who are world experts in cleaning, misting and hospital grade sanitation.
Let’s reach the men around the world. And let’s impact the men in our world.