Ezine - Brave Men Focus

Ezine - Brave Men Focus
There’s a pandemic greater than coronavirus that has gone unchecked for too long. It’s made brief public appearances and headlines when a celebrity or pro athlete is exposed but then it seems to disappear behind closed doors again.

It’s more common than anyone wants to admit and it’s on the rise as stay-at-home orders have been put in place across our country.  Economic distress and daily confinement are sending men over a dark precipice of anger, fear, anxiety, depression, and rage.

From coast to coast, cities, towns, and rural areas are all experiencing the spike. In Fort Worth, for the first time in more than 40 years, officials at the largest women’s shelters have stated they cannot accept new domestic violence victims because they are full. Some women’s trauma hotlines report increasing almost 300% in their volume of incoming calls. 

Even before the coronavirus, many men sensed the culture had destroyed their context, shifting definitions diminished their identity, distractions destroyed their dreams … they are, in the depth of their soul, embarrassed about who they haven’t become. Failure becomes shame. Shame and disappointment breed discontent, discontent devolves to rage. And, then a child gets hit, a woman killed … every 15 seconds a woman or child is abused by a man. 

The pandemic has made already difficult emotional issues for men larger by further stripping away the things that most men consider to be their identity: their ability to fight and win battles, to be problem solvers, to be courageous protectors. Rather than go out and fight, men are told to stay home and do nothing. Noted author Stephen Mansfield said on the BraveMen podcast: “When men feel they are not needed, they lose their sense of identity. There’s no battle to fight – and no victory to win.”

There is hope. Men need to know, now more than ever before, what their true identity is. Men need a moral compass and a sense of destiny and purpose.

This is exactly why we launched the Brave Men Podcast. Let me encourage you to listen to the following episodes to understand your identity, reclaim your sense of purpose, and build a strong relationship with your wife.

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